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Photography Projects

East Chicago, Indiana

EAST CHICAGO, Indiana As I travel about the cobblestone streets of horse drawn carriages I am captivated by this greatView full post »

Stoic Pride

STOIC PRIDE The Native American culture is still very strong across our country and is full of their traditions andView full post »


Amish Life Though the Amish take their name from Jakob Amman their history is much deeper than Amman. The term AmishView full post »

Coal Connection

COAL CONNECTION It’s mark has been left across the country. It is the largest domestically produced source ofView full post »

Crude Oil

CRUDE OIL – MODERN DAY GOLD RUSH Travel through the vast desolate plains of North Dakota, amongst sleepyView full post »

Portrait of the Wisconsin Farm

PORTRAIT OF THE WISCONSIN FARM Wisconsin farms are the heart and soul of our state. Farms in Wisconsin range fromView full post »

Steel Echoes – The Spirit of Place

STEEL ECHOES – THE SPIRIT OF PLACE Nothing touches my heart like hearing a locomotives horn echoing off in theView full post »

Funeral Home

Death of a Parlor Grief is a place that none us know until we reach it.  When it comes, it is nothing we expect it toView full post »

Chicago L

THE `L` I love visiting Chicago just to see the Chicago Transit Authority’s `L` passenger trains. There is so muchView full post »

Coal Echoes of the Appalachians

COAL ECHOES of the APPALACHIANS My fascination of coal and railroads made this ideal place for me to visit. McDowellView full post »

Femme Forte

FEMME FORTE “Strong Women” Photography is my passion and my projects are a way for me to share my passionView full post »


AMERICA’S DECAYING STEEL INDUSTRY Steel is an alloy of iron and a variety of other elements, includingView full post »

North American Grain Elevators

SKYSCRAPERS OF THE AMERICAN WEST “He pulled on a coat and walked down the flight of stairs from the head house intoView full post »

The Ballerina

The Ballerina The beauty of dance transfers almost effortlessly through photography. You can feel the grace,View full post »

The Art of Ink

I have a strong interest for the permanent art of the tattoo.  A tattoo can be beautiful, meaningful, gritty,View full post »

Hmong Heritage

This Hmong Heritage photography project is just in it’s infancy. I need participants to help fulfill thisView full post »

Blaze Orange | Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

BLAZE ORANGE – Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin Young girls push deep into the hunting land; a piece ofView full post »


You can go here for more Commercial Photography Information about my photography services. Buy Logging PhotosView full post »

Braddock 15104

BRADDOCK, Pennsylvania A shell of its former self, Braddock, PA has suffered a 90% population decline since theView full post »

Steel Arteries – The Forgotten Main Street of America

STEEL ARTERIES – THE FORGOTTEN MAIN STREET OF AMERICA The transcendent universal compassion of trains being theView full post »

Little Red Riding Hood

Rotkäppchen Deep beneath a red cloak and simple appearance rests a complex young girl who embodies a genre ofView full post »

Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass Through the Looking Glass is my Alice in Wonderland photography project that explores theView full post »

Wisconsin Frac Sand Mining

WISCONSIN SAND MINING In a small rural school in Western Wisconsin, educators work tirelessly to meet the demandingView full post »


GARY, Indiana Gary, Indiana gained its fame a few years ago as the most dangerous city in the United States. It wasView full post »


DETROIT, Michigan Detroit, the “D”. Once known for the auto industry, now more well known for the citiesView full post »


Two in the Mouth There is something alluring about summer at the county fair with the lure of a bustling midway linedView full post »